Production Technology of Papaya – Carica papaya (Local/Desi Variety)

Production technology of Papaya in Pakistan

Papaya tree can produce for 3 years after that production gradually decrease
Temperature : optimum summer temp; 38-40 degree centigrade
and least in winter 5 degree centigrade
pH: 6.5-7.5
Soil: sandy soil
Better to plant on raised bed
Planting time: Feb-Mar(spring), Jun-Jul (monsoon) Oct-Nov (autumn)
Seed rate: 150 g per acre
Seed can be stored for 3 years
Before sowing: dip in hot water for 15 minutes and soaked for 24 hours for better germination
In case of slow germination, spray Gibberelic acid.
15-20 cm tall seedlings suitable for planting (take two months)
Bed for nursery: 3 m long x 1 m width / plastic bag or pots can also be used
Seed for nursery should be sown at 1 cm depth, 10 cm apart in lines.
One male plant for 10 female plants for pollination.
Blooming: 4-6 months
Fruit setting: 10-12 months
Fertilizers: 10 kg/plant manure as basal dose applied in pits
250 g NPK
Spray 0.5% Zinc sulfate twice
Borax 0.1%
Papaya takes 145-165 days from flowering to fruit ripening
Harvesting in winter months
Keep it in shady and cool dry place
Post harvest: treat with 50 degree centigrade hot water and rinse with cold water, packed with single straw layer for local market
Insect/disease of Papaya tree:
Web-worm, aphid, fruit fly, red spindle mite, stem borer, grey weevil, root knot
Destroy the effected part, spray Dimetoate 0.3% or methyl demonton 0.05% or Neemu

Powdery mildew, anthracnose, leaf curl virus, stem rot, damping off.
Apply wet able sulphur 1g/liter, theiophanate methyle 1g/L , mancozeb 2g/L , Neemu

Number of fruit/plant: 40-60
Number of plants/acre: 1200

Production technology of Papaya
Bed preparation for Papaya plantation

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