Job Opportunity – We are looking Farm Manager

We are looking for a dynamic agriculture professional for the post of Farm Manager mainly in Gujrat while occasional extensive travelling may occur as a Visiting Consultant for Farm Management across Pakistan.

Salary Package: As per experience

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Note: We believe in equal opportunity for everyone regardless gender.

Due Date: September 5, 2023


  • Planning and supervising crop planting, cultivation, and harvesting.
  • Monitoring crop and animal health and addressing issues promptly.
  • Implementing pest and disease control measures.
  • Ensuring proper soil management and fertility through soil testing and amendments.
  • Managing irrigation systems and water resources efficiently.
  • Implementing sustainable land-use practices to prevent soil erosion and degradation.
  • Overseeing the maintenance and repair of farm machinery and equipment.
  • Managing farm infrastructure, including barns, fences, and storage facilities.
  • Developing and managing the farm’s budget, including income and expenses.
  • Tracking financial transactions, such as purchases, sales, and investments.
  • Identifying cost-saving opportunities and optimizing resource allocation.
  • Creating planting schedules and crop rotation plans to maximize yield and soil health.
  • Selecting suitable crop varieties based on market demand and soil conditions.
  • Hiring, training, and supervising farm workers.
  • Ensuring a safe and productive work environment.
  • Scheduling tasks and managing labor resources efficiently.
  • Identifying markets for farm products and developing marketing strategies.
  • Managing sales and distribution channels.
  • Negotiating contracts with buyers and suppliers.
  • Staying updated on agricultural regulations and compliance requirements.
  • Ensuring that the farm operations adhere to local, state, and federal laws and environmental regulations.
  • Maintaining accurate records of farm activities, including planting dates, harvest yields, and financial transactions.
  • Using data to make informed decisions and improve farm efficiency.
  • Implementing sustainable farming practices to minimize environmental impact.
  • Promoting biodiversity and wildlife conservation on the farm.
  • Identifying and mitigating potential risks such as weather-related challenges, pests, and market fluctuations.
  • Developing a long-term vision for the farm’s growth and sustainability.
  • Making strategic decisions regarding expansion, diversification, or innovation.
  • Keeping abreast of advancements in agricultural technology and practices.
  • Experimenting with new techniques and technologies to improve farm productivity.


The candidate’s skill set should be a combination of agricultural expertise (with minimum 16 years of academic education in agriculture), financial acumen, leadership skills, and a commitment to sustainable and responsible farming practices.

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