IPEX 2014

International Poultry Expo (IPEX)

Report by: Muhammad Jarrar Ahmed (Secretary General, Agri. Education Pakistan)

Dr. Sundus Akhtar (Area Coordinator, Agri. Education Pakistan)

Commercial or Modern Poultry in Pakistan is one of the largest agro based segment of Pakistan that was established in 1962, having an investment of more than 732 billions rupees. Poultry Industry of Pakistan is making a tremendous contribution in bridging the gap between the supply and demand of meat protein. About 25,000 poultry farms have been established in Pakistan. Moreover, the annual growth rate of poultry production is about 10 to 12%. While 40% of the total meat is being procured from poultry products. Furthermore, other poultry products that are producing annually in Pakistan are followed by table eggs: 9410 million; chicken meat: 953.600 metric tons.

The International Poultry Expo (IPEX) was arranged on 25th to 27th September, 2014 at Expo Center, Lahore. In this occasion different local and international poultry companies, poultry feed manufacturers, poultry farm consultants and poultry equipment manufacturing companies exhibited their products in this expo. Federal Minister of Food Security and Research Sikandar Hayyat Bosan inaugurated the International Poultry Expo. He elucidated his remarks on the topic of “Avian health”. He said that Pakistan was the 11th largest producer of broiler chickens in the world as its poultry sector was growing at a pace of 10% annually, adding that this sector had 6.1 % share in agriculture and 10.8% in livestock sector. “Brazil is the largest exporter of halal chicken to Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan has all the potential to make inroads to this market”, he said, adding that the country’s poultry industry could also exploit the need of Gulf countries for halal chicken. After the address of federal minister the proper event was started.
Different stalls were arranged in two halls followed by: Altininbek Makina (Turkey), Beijing Yuet International Exhibition Co. Ltd., Cherry Pharma Itn’l, Ghazi Brothers, Orient Animal Health, Fine Fabricator, Sb Pharma, Hilton Pharma, Biocure Pharma, Soypak, A & K Pharma, Kps Company, Descon Chemicals Limited, Vetmune Pharma, Euro Feed Technology, Pepco Pakistan, Big Bird Group (Pvt) Ltd, K & N’s Poultry, Um Enterprises, Agro Tech, Zagro Singapore Pte, Kausar Feeds, Jadeed Gap Frams Pvt Ltd and many more informative and interesting stalls were arranged in expo. Mr. Muhammad Saffer Abbas Jafery founder and President of Agri. Education Pakistan (AEP), Mr. Muhammad Jarrar Ahmed Secretary General of AEP, Dr. Sundus Akhtar Area Coordinator of AEP and Miss Rabia Shahid Vice President of AEP also participated as the coordinators on the behalf of AEP. The most interesting part of the IPEX is the talk of inspiring great personalities that was arranged in 25th September, 2014. Chief Organizer, Chaudhry Shaukat Hussain started the inaugural session of conference and enlightened the aims and objectives of IPEX. Other delegates Mr. Raza Mehmood Khursand, chairman of PPA (Northern Zone), Dr. Muhammad Aslam and Mr. Khalil Sattar also addressed on the importance of Poultry farming. 1st technical session was co-chair by Dr. Muhammad Sadiq and Dr. Naeem Tariq. In this session different speakers like Dr. Mustafa Kamal, Dr Hanif Nazir and Dr. Muhammad Riaz accosted on modern broiler management, spray & other vaccination techniques and modern layer management, respectively. The 2nd technical session was co-chair by Mr. Khalil Sattar and Dr. Khurram Shafi Qazi. In this session Dr. Khalid Naeem Khawaja elucidated on recent update of new castle disease. Moreover, Eng. Tariq Nazir closed this session with the informative talk on farm ventilation.
The event finally ended on 27th September with lots of informative ideas regarding poultry farming. By these innovative ideas we can flourish our poultry industry and In sha ALL in future our beloved country Pakistan will fall in largest poultry production in whole world.

AEP’s Team At IPEX 2014

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