Competition For Worst Kitchen Gardeners…

Mary, Mary quite contrary … How does your garden grow?”
I have a terrible kitchen garden.
Nothing seems to work for me. 
But I am most devoted kitchen gardener and not giving up easily and my quest to be good kitchen gardener will continue.
Yes this time competition is for worst kitchen gardener.
1 . Your name and where you live.
2.How long you have been kitchen gardening 
3.Share you experience what went wrong …pest attack, seeds not germinating and any other problem you are facing
4.You will share 2 worst pictures of vegetables you have grown infected with virus and pest and other problems.
The 10 most liked post get 8 free winter seeds. 
Also 3 members who give best advice to terrible kitchen gardener based on picture posted also get free seeds. 
Good luck to worst kitchen gardeners and KG doctors.

This event is hosting by Salma Kamal, the well known kitchen gardener from Islamabad.
So, come on and take part for the betterment of your garden…
Visit the event’s official page:
Mary, Mary quite contrary … How does your garden grow?” Terrible KG Contest.

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