Dine in Nature, A Memorable Day!

The Nature is the core
of life and what if you are far away from the core, so what do you think, are
you alive??? Sorry! It may be sound harsh…

But today a big number
of people among us have the health problems due to pollution and unnatural
environment. Depression, stress and hyper tension are now a common matter. According
to few scientific researches; soil has such type of microbes which have
capability to control depression and stress, while planting or gardening keep
your blood pressure normal and give many other health benefits.

No doubt! In the busy
life, it’s really hard to find time for visiting a green place. But Mr. Tariq
Tanveer (CEO, Qadir Bakhsh Farms/Managing Director, Agri. Tourism Development
Corporation Pakistan) is giving you a chance to come back to the life. The said
institute under the super vision of Mr. Tariq organized a one day event in
Faisalabad named; “The Farm, Dine in Nature” on 25th December, 2014.

A prominent number of
participants join Mr. Tariq on the day. The participants from different cities of Pakistan, explore the beauty of
fields of Sarsoo (mustard field) at agri-tourism farm in Faisalabad.
They were served with organic
and desi foods in Sarsoo fields. The participants visited the vegetable field,
rose garden and fruit orchards. The
participants were facilitated to pick their own vegetables, flowers and fruits
to eat and enjoy. Wow…what a fun…This was a great family fun event and we want
to join Mr. Tariq once again said by the participants.

If you’ve missed this event then don’t worry! Agri. Tourism
Development Corporation Pakistan has a big plan for chain events in upcoming
days to take the community back to the nature…to the life.

For more information please visit;

The Participants Enjoying The Fruits
Lunch Time At the Farm
Click Here For More Pics; Event Pictures

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