National Youth Icon 2014 Award Winner, Mr. Muhammad Jarrar Ahmed

2nd Youth Peace Summit 2014
National Youth Icon 2014 Award
Report by: Dr. Sundus Akhtar (Area Coordinator,
Agri. Education Pakistan)
Muhammad Jarrar Ahmed (Secretary General, AEP/Assistant Editor, Vet. News
& Views)

Muhammad Jarrar
Ahmed (Secretary General of AEP) receiving National Youth ICON 2014 Award 
from Mr. Qaisar Abbas

2nd Youth Peace Summit 2014 (YPS14) was
designed to encourage discussion, inquiry, reflection and exploration among
young people. It challenges and inspires youth to honor differences, explore
commonalities and create. The Summit serves as a space where people from all
walks of life can connect with each other on a human-to-human level, celebrate
in diversity, and
share in a living experience of peace. Activities and discussions provide the
youth with tools for conflict-resolution, heart-centered communication,
compassionate response, and peace-focused leadership. Kafka Welfare
Organization wants to create a community that inspires and empowers millions of
people around the world to take an active stand for peace.

Dr. Sundus
Akhtar (Area Coordinator, AEP), Muhammad Jarrar Ahmed (Secretary General, AEP)

Muzammel shoukat, Akif Jamil and
Ali Raza(Volunteers of AEP)

The event of 2nd
Youth Peace Summit 2014 was organized in University of Central Punjab, Lahore.
The consequence was started with the beautiful recitation of Surah Rahman.
After that whole guests, participants and delegates and organizers heeded the
National Anthem of Pakistan with great accolade.
Naeem enlighten on the letter of Sadahat Hassan Mintoe’s Letter and the
listeners consented with the curious letter of Sadahat Hassan Mintoe’s. After
that p
anel discussion was done by I.A Rehman (Peace
Activist), Dr. Atif Shahbaz (Nuclear Physicist), Aijaz Anwar (Painter), Ooriya
Maqbool Jan (Journalist) and Amna Ulfat (MPA).
They all elucidate on peace and focused to overcome on lack of education in our
society. Moreover different personalities like Amir Maqsood (special adviser to
the leader of the liberal democrats UK), Dr. David UK (Scientist), Muhammad
Tehseen executive director of SAP discussed on diversity, Intercultural, peace,
role of youngster. Rana Asad Ulah Khan (former secretary of Lahore High court,
Bar-association) focused on people’s right, democracy. Taranjeet Singh speak on
peaceful society (Media person). Salman Abid regional director of SPO deliberated
on regional fundamentalism terrorism and Education. Adeel Hashmi (TV Drama Director,
Anchor) also enlightened on peace.
Panel discussion
The most interesting session was with Qaisar Abbas (Chief
Inspiring Officer at Possibilities). The delegates and participants actively
participated in that session. Mr. Qaisar Abbas portray his inspiring
autobiography of his whole life history.
Kafka Youth awards were also
organized in that event to encourage youth talented people between National and
International youth in the period of 15th  Feb to 15th April 2014, In which Muhammad
Jarr Ahmed (General Secretary Agri. Education Pakistan; Assistant Editor ‘Weekly
Veterinary News and Views’; Ambassador ‘Agri. Tourism Development Corporation
of Pakistan’; Member Editorial board ‘E-Agri.Tourism magazine’; Campus Correspondence
‘Technology time and Tech-TV’) declared as a winner in “National Category”.
Muhammad Jarrar Ahmed received his award from Qaisar Abbas.

Muhammad Jarrar
Ahmed (Secretary General of AEP) Dr. Sundus Akhtar (Area Coordinator of AEP)
Rabia Shahid (Vice presedent of AEP) at UCP

event finally ended with the new hope for the youth to make their society
peaceful and
to create a community
that inspires and empowers millions of people around the world to take an
active stand for peace.   

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