Agri. Education Pakistan! It was really a crazy offer…

On the 2nd anniversary, Agri. Education Pakistan
(AEP) published its first e-newsletter contain all the progress news and useful
information regarding agriculture and environment. So, AEP gave a chance to all
Pakistani agriculture and environment firms to promote their cause/product via
AEP network. However due to specifications of publication only few ads were
added on the first come basis, we appreciate all the respective firms who gave
their ad/product/service information for e-newsletter. The crazy and admirable point
is that, Agri. Education Pakistan sponsored all the ads and did not charge any
dues for the service. This offer was introduced only with the spirit of public
awareness regarding agriculture and the environment. It does not mean that AEP
have not needed any sponsorship, in fact as the area of activities is going to
expand the opportunities for sponsoring have also expanded. As AEP is the
Pakistan’s first student based organization working in the central and southern
Punjab, Pakistan regarding agriculture, environmental awareness and youth
development, so the agriculture, environment and education related firms can
promote their cause/product by sponsoring us and expand their client numbers
with the expanding network of AEP.

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