Come on! Write Something For Agriculture and Environment…

28th August the day of anniversary of Agri.
Education Pakistan (AEP). On the occasion of the 2nd anniversary AEP
decided to publish its first e-newsletter containing its progress and useful
information for students and the public. However, it got late to publish due to
cooperative and networking tour to Dist. Bhakkar.
To create and increase the interest of common people
regarding the importance and issues of agriculture, environment and education,
AEP gave an open invitation of writing for e-newsletter to all. The conditions
and requirements were kept so attractive and easy to follow under the title “Come
on! Write Something For Agriculture and Environment…”
AEP received an adorable number of articles but according to
the specifications of publication, only a specific number of articles are
published in the current edition. We hope you would like it. Please! Follow the
link for updates
We are thankful of the lovers and followers of nature to
make the e-newsletter appreciable.     

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