World Kitchen Garden Day 2014

latest survey, published on August 3, include Pakistan among the 21 nations
facing food crisis due to high and volatile food prices. The survey also says
36 percent of the people in Pakistan are undernourished.

two-thirds (120 million) of the population spends between 50 and 70 percent of
their income on food, making them vulnerable to rising prices,” the survey
reports about Pakistan. The conclusion of this Oxfam’s report is interestingly
just contrary to the thinking of the top rulers in Pakistan, who boast to have
brought a revolutionary change in the economic condition of the country. 

prices, according to the global report of the British international NGO, have
hovered near an all-time peak since late 2010 sending tens of millions of
people into poverty. Oxfam’s new interactive map shows how poor communities
across the world are being hurt by high and volatile food prices. This ‘food
price pressure points map’ provides a global snapshot of the impacts of the
global food price crisis.

report includes Pakistan among those 21 countries, which are facing the
worrisome phenomenon of price hike. “The high food prices have crunched incomes
for poor people and helped to spark instability and violence around the world,”
the report quotes Jeremy Hobbs, executive director of Oxfam. (Ansar Abbasi, Saturday,
August 06, 2011. The News)

It’s a report from past and what
do you think about the present….. Yes! It is not so different than the past.

As a Nation, we are currently
facing a range of serious challenges. We may still continue to blame each other
and lot has been said and written on these problems and issues. But fact of the
matter is that in spite of some efforts by relevant stake holders by public and
private sector organizations, the situation is still not improving. While all
this is happening around us, what are we all are doing as a nation? Just
listening to what is next, and waiting for a miracle to happen…. 

Wait a minute!
We all are not doing it…

There are some personalities among us, who don’t only believe
in miracles but also create and promote the miracles.

One of the miraculous place is
the Qadir Bakhsh Farms, FSD where Mr. Tariq Tanveer creates miracles with the
help of God gifted intellectual mentality. He is the CEO of the said place and
founder of Agri-Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan. This year in the
continuity of the

A child is reading the Kitchen Gardening booklet

betterment of the society, Mr. Tariq Tanveer once again gave
a chance to connecting people through Food, Farms & Education. 24 August,
2014 the World Kitchen Garden Day was organized under the banner of Agri-Tourism
Development Corporation of Pakistan. The Agri. Education Pakistan got the honor
to be co-organizer along with Agri. Hunt. The Silver Spoon Plus Restaurant, FSD
was selected as venue.  A huge number of
public from different backgrounds and age class, join for celebrate the veggie
day. The eminent scientists and experts were served the public as trainer and
speaker. The almost 250 participants, including children attended the technical
session. The students from Karachi University also gave us honor by joining us.

The event was sponsored by Alhamra
Textile Mills FSD to encourage the nature lovers. The salient objectives of the
event were not just to encourage the public to eat the healthy food but also to
encourage them to grow and eat their own food as it’s the philosophy of kitchen
gardening. The participants were encouraged to adopt Kitchen Gardening as an
entrepreneurship. The pro

Dr. Allah Daad Khan Addressing the public

gram started at 9 a.m. with the inaugural speech of
Mr. Tariq Tanveer. Afterward, the experts delivered lectures on very
interesting topics regarding Kitchen Gardening. The first presentation on
“How to save excess vegetables and its value addition” was delivered
by Dr. Shahid Niaz (Director Vegetable Ayub Agriculture Research Institute
Faisalabad Pakistan), Second presentation on “Need of Edible Landscape”
was delivered by Lieutenant Colonel (R) Afzal Husain (Horticulturist at PMO
Texla), The third presentation on “Why
use of organic food” was delivered by representative of Dr. Aysha Ramzan (President
Nutrition Care Association of Pakistan), the fourth Dr. Allaha Dad Khan (Gold Medalist)
Former Director Gener

DCO, FSD. Mr. Noor-ul-Ameen

al Agriculture Extension Khyber Pakhtunkhwa delivered a
very informative lecture on “organic Production of home growing vegetables
and medico kitchen plants”. The honorable guests; worthy DCO, FSD Mr. Noor-ul-Ameen,
Mian Iddress (Chairman Sitara Group of Industries), Dr. Zafar Iqbal (Principal,
College of Agriculture, University of Sargodha), Mr. Q

Agri. Education Pakistan at work!

amar Aftab (Director Faisalabad Industrial Estate Development & Management Company, Vice
Chairman Pakistan Hosiery Manufacturers Association, CEO Image Garments (Pvt)
Ltd), Professor Naseer Ahmad Cheema (Former Director, Colleges FSD) Maroof Sadique(K&N’s
Karachi), Dr. Muhammad Afzal (Director, Punjab Forestry Research Institute,
FSD) Mr. Ch. Muslim (Professor PFI Pakistan Forest Institute Peshawar), Dr.
Imtiaz Oujla (Director, Department of Plant Protection & Plant Quarantine),
Mr. Mustaq Chugtai (Punjab Forest Dept. Okara), Mr.
Ch. Muhammad Anwer (EDO Agriculture, Sahiwal. President, Horticulture Society
of Shekhupura), Mr. Atiq Raja (Chairman, Pakistan Youth Council. President,

Mr. Safeer Jafrey, Mr. Tariq Tanveer & Mr. Mustufa Malik
during the event

Eagles Foundation, Hyderabad). Waheed Khaliq Raamay (Chairman Council of Loam
Owner Association, FSD) Mr. Ch. Yaquab (PHA LHR), Brigadier Ishaq, General
Rashid Javid, The famous journalist Mr. Mustafa Malik (Media Coordinator, World
Kitchen Garden Day), Mr. Tariq Tufail (Writer, Media Coordinator, Agri-Tourism
Development Corporation of Pakistan
Mr. Ikhlaq Khan (Eminent Mushroom Farming Expert), Mr. Niaz (Director, PHA, LHR)
Mr. Muhammad Safeer Abbas Jafrey (Founder/President Agri. Education Pakistan), Dr.
Shuqat Ali (Professor, UAF. Chairman Agri. Hunt), Mr. Haroon Hemani (Blogger, Karachi), Mr. Qasim Sadiqui and Kashif
Fareed (Press Club Faisalabad) also addressed the public. The gift of fruit plants were distributed among participants by Agri. Hunt.

His Excellency, Dr. Khalid Mehmood Shouq (Chief Editor, Veterinary News
& Views) appreciated the organizing team for organizing such a successful
event. And in the near future with the blessings of ALLAH Almighty Qadir Bakhsh
Farm is ready to touch a new height of sky with it’s 
alliance. So, start waiting to see a new miracle. 
The Agri. Education Pakistan’s Team at World Kitchen Garden Day 2014
For More Pictures From the Event Please Click Here: Agri. Education Pakistan/Event Pictures

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