UVAS in Solving Poultry Industry Issues

The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore on
Monday shared with stakeholders the results of two research studies/projects
conducted by its Business School and Center for Applied Policy Research in
Livestock (CAPRIL) with the financial support of Pakistan Poultry Association
Poultry farmers, industry representatives, faculty members
and students attended the presentation. Kinnaird Collage Principal Ms. Rukhsana
David was the Chief Guest on the occasion while UVAS Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha, PPA Northern Zone Chairman Dr. Abdul Karim Bhatti, Dean
Faculty of Life Sciences Business Management Prof. Dr. Nasim Ahmad among others
were also present. Dr. Rana Muhammad Ayyub, chairman Department of Economics and
Business Management, presented the results of the first project titled
“Increasing dissatisfaction/consumer alienation among broiler meat consumers in
Punjab.” He said the study found that consumers have many misconceptions about
quality of broiler meat due to negative word of mouth by few individuals who
are spreading it without any scientific base or logic. He said, “All these are
just misconceptions and have no link with reality.”

Mr. Attiqur Rehaman, lecturer, presented the results of
second project titled “Factors affecting price determination of broiler meat.”
The study found that demand and supply is the main factor in price fluctuation
while no role of giant companies and political forces was found in this matter.
It was recommended that an awareness campaign at large should be run to reduce
these misconceptions. Ms. Rukhsana David lauded the performance of UVAS in
solving poultry industry issues and conducting market research projects to
overcome misconception in the mind of general public about the poultry meat.

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