Use of Biotechnology-The Future of Cotton Yield

Agriculture scientists can improve cotton yield through the
use of bio-technology in breeding programmes of cotton, said Dr Aslam Bhutti,
Regulatory Scientist BASF America.
Addressing a seminar on “Genetics Changes in Cotton and
Needs of 21th Century” organized by Evyol and Central Cotton Research
Institute (CCRI) jointly, here, he said that Pakistan could be brought in the
list of top cotton producing countries by working on breeding programme.
Bio-technology is vital to enhance yield and change financial condition of
farming community.
Describing different challenges being faced by cotton
sector, Cotton Commissioner Dr Khalid Abdullah stressed the need for changing
priorities to improve the produce.
He also highlighted different measures being adopted by the
government to enhance earning from cotton sector.
Director CCRI Syed Sajid Shah also shared expertise and
working of CCRI for promotion of the crop.

President Evyol Muhammad Asif Majeed also informed about
objectives of research programmes and different achievement. PCGA Chairman
Shehzad Ali Khan, Chairman Plant Breeding Islamia University Dr Iqbal Bandesha,
Dr Dil Bagh and Dr Naveed also spoke on the occasion.

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