Shocking Report on Packaged and Dairy Farm Milk

The report said dairy milk is mostly contaminated as the
brand is using chemicals known as embalming fluid and is used to preserve
Punjab Food Authority slapped fines to major suppliers of
packaged milk as Justice Saqib Nisar said the court will take this matter to
its logical end to ensure that children of this country have pure milk.
Consequent upon the court action, Food Authority widened its
jurisdiction from five divisions to entire Punjab. Directives have been issued
that milk samples be collected and an analytical report be readied.
The case was heard at apex court’s Lahore Registry. The
court was briefed that the company was fined a million rupee as unhygienic and
cadaver-preserving chemical was found in the milk.
The company’s lawyer assured that the company does not use
any such chemical now.

Meantime, Food Authority canceled license of Al-Fazal Foods
and fined Acha Milk with Rs.500,000. Now, Punjab Food Authority will obtain
milk samples from across the province to submit a report to the court.

Source: Samaa

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