Punjab Agriculture Department Takes Step to Increase Cotton Production

The Punjab Agriculture Department has evolved a new strategy
to achieve record cotton yield. Modern techniques and latest research are the
part of strategy, a spokesman of the agriculture department informed the media
here on Monday. This strategy will consist of four phases. Steps have been
mentioned for all of these phases to protect the crop and save it from various
types of issues. First phase will be called pre-cultivation phase, second phase
will be cultivation phase, third phase will be called flowering and ball
development phase. While the fourth phase will be called picking phase. The
objective of this strategy is to inform the farmers about the measures for
protecting the crop from sects and germs etc and increase its yield. The
strategy will also be helpful in further increasing liaison between the cotton
farmers and the concerned officials of the agriculture department. The
spokesman said that agriculture experts have termed the new cotton strategy as
a positive initiative and also appreciated farmer-friendly steps of the Punjab
Agriculture Department.

Source: The Nation

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