Food Authority Seals Swedish Dairies Production in Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan

According to Punjab Food Authority director Badar Munir,
certain chemical(s) were being used in the production process of unbranded
milk. The team also found fungi, insects, and dirt in the company’s dairy
products, he added.
No further development was reported, nor is it known whether
Swedish Dairies, which claims to be “the most reliable name” in Pakistan’s
dairy industry on its website, responded with any action.
Swedish Dairies is a supplier of dairy products to various
bakeries in the locality.
Earlier, Geo News reported that Punjab Food Authority was
ordered by the Supreme Court to conduct quality and plant checks of the
milk-producing companies in the province, and obtain samples of their products.
It also advised the authority to test the samples in a dedicated lab.
The case was resumed on Tuesday. In a report filed by Punjab
Food Authority director general Noor-ul-Amin Mengal, it was noted that products
made by Haleeb Foods, Acha Milk, Al-Fazl Food, Doce, and Al-Fajr Food are all
Formalin – a chemical used in dead bodies’ preservation –
along with sugarcane juice was discovered in Haleeb Foods’ milk. Consequently,
Al-Fazl Foods lost its production license, Doce Milk faced a suspension and
fine, Acha Milk was fined and its production process halted for a week, and
Al-Fajr Foods’ factory was sealed.

Justice Saqib Nisar, who is monitoring the case, commented,
“If we cannot provide safe milk to children, we cannot do anything.”

Source: GEO

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