Agriculture (The Matter of Survival)

Agriculture is the mainstay of Pakistan’s economy. It accounts almost 21% of the GDP.  But still this sector, the backbone of the motherland’s economy, is not giving proper attention.  I have found the land of this country is very productive but we are not getting even 50% of its productive capability. 
The main reason is feudalism as a major area is owned by the landlords. It is difficult to manage such a huge area so only that part is cultivated which is easy to manage; the rest is left ignored as they do not need to plow. Industrialization has also given threat to this sector. People are migrating to cities and cities are expanding, thus new towns and colonies are constructed on fertile lands. The Government is also not much solemn in this region.  The Government allocated only Rs. 18 billion budget for the agricultural sector of Pakistan but the withdrawal of subsidy on insect repellent and electricity on the conditions of the IMF has done serious damage to this sector. Whereas America and European Union are giving a huge amount of subsidy to their farmers and that is the greatest hurdle in the implementation of W.T.O rules.
Even in a recent address to the Nation, Prime Minister of Pakistan did not mention Agriculture sector and farmer community. Without improving the agriculture, how can you imagine the progress in the economy?

Abid Hussain Jafrey
Office Of The Auditor
General Of Pakistan
Islamabad, Pakistan

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