Workshop On Freelancing, Entrepreneurship and Idea Development

Entrepreneurship and Freelancing is the current need of Pakistan and will definitely help to reduce the unemployment ratio. Agri. Education Pakistan organized a training workshop (on 5 June, 2015) to make the public aware about the new marketing trends and business strategies. Agri. Education Pakistan is committed to youth development via making them self-sufficient.
The trainers of the workshop were highly professional, experienced and talented. Mr. Ali Raza (CEO, Harvtech), Ms. Sundas Jabeen (CEO, Devstroke), Ms. Fatima Aftab (Psychologist) and Ms. Faiza Khalid (CEO, LOOP) joined us as trainers while Ms. Iqra Khalid (Eminent Social Activist), Dr. Sundus Abdul Majeed (Eminent Scientist) and Dr. Abdul Majeed (Bayer Pakistan Pvt. Ltd) were the guest of honor.
Respected Mr. Shabbir Kashif Bukhari (Member, AEP Expert Panel, Mentor/Forest Officer) presented the note of appreciation to guests and trainers. After the technical session, participants enjoyed the tasty meal along with a fabulous music performance by Mr. Minhaj (Emerging singer) and friends.
The Jallo Forest Park was selected as venue because it was the World Environment Day on 5th June, so that, to spread the word regarding importance of environment such a natural venue was selected. The transport facility was also provided to participants.
The Governing Body of Agri. Education Pakistan appreciated Mr. Muhammad Jarrar Ahmed (Secretary General, AEP) to organize such a fruitful and successful event.
The efforts and services of Adnan Ur Rehman, Gohar Ayub, Muhammad Riaz, Bushra Karamat, and Hiba Gulzar (Volunteers, AEP) were also acknowledged by Agri. Education Pakistan, for their assistance and managing the whole event in a beautiful manner. And at last but not least special thanks to Ms. Farheen Fatima for guidance and assistance.
With the blessings of Allah Almighty, Agri. Education Pakistan will continue its chain reaction for community and youth development.
Participants at the Workshop
Ms. Sundus Jabeen (CEO, Devstroke) during her worthy lecture
Ms. Ms. Fatima Aftab (Psychologist)
Mr. Ali Raza (CEO, Harvtech) During his presentation regarding freelancing
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