Water Shortage in Rivers, Canals and Mountain Drains

Step water storage rivers may be a solution. May
be this is a new name to rivers and irrigation engineering, but similar
technology is in use for a different purpose in the world. I have observed
similar water system in different areas of the world.

How to design step water storage river, canals
and drains, simply you can dived rivers in the shape of lakes with very minor
slope to its natural surface level in miles at the end of each lake you have to
build water fall retaining wall to stop water in previous lake with provision
of drop the extra water to fill the next segment of river or next lake or next
step. Each lake or step will become small water storage dam in miles for the
use in water shortage season days.

Water shortage in the Cholistan and Thar is a
serious threat to human life and economy of the Pakistan.

Indian water terrorism against Pakistan is
another threat to Pakistans rivers and the economy, now river Ravi is becoming
dry and shape of the dirty drain because of Indian water terrorism , and
further India is building 12 hydro-power projects with a water storage capacity
of Kabul river in Afghanistan.

The benefits of step water storage rivers;

1-Large amount of water storage capacity will
use in water shortage season days.

2-River lakes can be used for fish farming.

3-River lakes can be used for water sports.

4-It will create new picnic spots in the country
which will bring new jobs, businesses and investment.

5-The stored water can be used for agriculture.

6-Storing water in lakes will maintain the underground
water level.

7-River lakes can be used for goods
transportation. The technology to go upper lake level and to lower lake level
is being used in the world.

8-It will bring good change in weather and

9-It will create new parks, new land scapping
areas and water reservoir and wildlife areas and attractive to new investment
in the country.

10-Water storage lakes can be used to store
flood water.

Government of Pakistan and all provincial
governments should take serious action against the shortage of water in the
Thar, Cholistan and other similar areas of the country.

The writer of this article, already wrote
letters to the Prime Minister of Pakistan on 09-06-2012. The prime minister of
Pakistan’s office sent the proposals to Punjab and Sindh governments. I
received answers from provincial governments. Both governments wrote to
concerned departments, but the concerned departments did not think of the

The writer wrote letters to the prime minister
of Pakistan about the matter in 2010 all correspondents are in the record of the
government of Pakistan and provincial governments and with me.

Research & Written by; Shahid Hameed
Post to Facebook 07 December, 2014

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