Have You Any New Idea???

There are no dreams too large, no innovation unimaginable and no frontiers beyond our reach!

Even the simplest innovations have always been a catalyst in reaching critical milestones and the development of countries.There is a great potential for the evolution of sustainable projects in key areas such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and agricultural technology.

This event will provide exclusive opportunity to the Undergraduate and Graduate students of Pakistan to share, present and propose their ideas, research and projects through presentations from the field of Renewable Energy solution, Health or Agriculture.

Students from all disciplines will be able to participate. Graduate (MS / PhD) students will be encouraged to present their thesis work.

Registration fee:
Rs. 750/- per team

Rules and Regulations:

• The ideas should be simple yet innovative and socially acceptable. Participants must be very clear about their respective ideas.
• This competition comprises of two rounds. In the first round, on 16/10/2014, individuals/teams will have to submit a manuscript regarding their idea/project, of maximum 400 words, in the provided format (find attachment below).
• Participants/teams will submit there manuscripts online by sending an email at “fahadimran6@gmail.com” till 3:00 pm on 16/10/2014
• Manuscript must be a word document
• After evaluating the manuscripts, individuals/teams with better and commendable ideas, will be selected for the second round. Selected participants will be be notified with in a day.There is no limit of selected teams for the second round.
• Second round will be held on Sunday,19/10/2014, at 2:00 pm. Selected Participants will have to present their ideas. They will be judged by their ideas,presentations and quality of opinion/views.
• Presentation time would be 5-7 minutes.
• Any software (like PowerPoint,Word,Adobe PDF) can be used for presentations.
• A small committee of adjudicators will decide winners. Decision of committee will be final.

Eligibility Criteria:

Anyone having a Matriculation or higher degree can apply.

Team Strength:

Maximum 2 members.

Prize for winners:

• Cash Prizes
• Certificates
• Shields

Event Head : Fahad Imran (FAST-NU)
Contact: 0305-6118170 / 0343-3331142
Or Visit: Event Page

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