The Real Revolution Is Just Coming…

On 13 November 2014, I enjoyed a rewarding agro-tech. dinner
meeting at Mr. Ammar Jaffri’s place in Islamabad. Yes! The worthy invitees were
from technology and agriculture sectors of Pakistan. Wait a minute! Do you know
why this dinner meeting is for and who is Mr. Ammar Jaffri??? This was all for
the cause of implementation of ICT in good governess. Got it???
Let me describe the background;

On the 21 December 2001, General Assembly of United Nations
approved a resolution endorsing the discussion on reduction of technology gap
throughout the globe on the occasion of the World Summit on the Information Society
(WSIS). As a result, the implementation of Information & Communication
Technology (ICT) become one of the Millennium Development Goal.
Working in the ICT sector requires creativity, in-depth
analytical skills and an overall strong sense of logic. Fortunately, this
creativity, skill and logic are adopted by Mr. Ammar Jaffri (Chief Executive,
PIID) in Pakistan to introducing a new horizon of technology adaptation and
implementation for all the community without any discrimination.
Pakistan Institute of ICT in Development (PIID) is a
distinct inclusive business initiative to support the development and promotion
of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based services. The
distinction of PIID lies in the clear identification of ICT as a cross cutting
development tools and create opportunities through continuous knowledge
management, innovation and development.

The vision of Mr. Ammar Jaffri has become the market leader in ICT for
Development (ICT4D) sector, providing services to public, private sector and
NGOs. The strategic objective of the institute is Leading Through Innovation
(LTI). Pakistan Institute of ICT in Development (PIID) is an
Initiative of Centre of Information Technology (CIT) taken in coordination with
E-Village Foundation, which is trying to take the power of ICTs to rural Part
of Pakistan. The concept behind PIID is to bring all relevant Public-Private
Organizations and NGOs for developing ICT enabled products and services to
support initiatives targeted for building the Capacity of rural population to
join the national and International efforts in the area of ICTs for
development. The team managing the PIID fully understands the responsibility of
Pakistan to contribute and respond to the Global commitments like MDGs &

During last four years Centre of Information Technology has been providing
professional support E-village Foundation to prepare ICTs based Projects,
trainings, solutions and convening national and international workshops &
seminars to create required awareness in the area of ICTs for development.
Based on this experience Currently PIID is working in numerous sectors using
ICTs to reach a target village population & partners more efficiently and
to bring relevant services closer to communities in which citizens reside. With
the help of ICTs, PIID is working in different initiatives and Projects as follows:

E-Agriculture, E-Education, E-Villages (, E-Health Clinics, E-Women,
and Entrepreneurship (

So, after this Li’l briefing has now come on to the meeting
agenda. PIID is going to organize the International Conference on “ICTs for
Good Governance in Pakistan” on 10th December 2014 at Convention Center Islamabad,
This meeting was arranged to develop a strategy to make this
upcoming event successful and fruitful. Dr. Khalid Mehmood Shouq (Chief Editor,
Veterinary News & Views), Dr. Abdus Saboor (Chairman, Agri. Economics Dept.
PMAS Arid Agriculture University), Mr. Sami Ahmad and Mr. Syed Hassaan (Tech.
Expert, PIID), Mr. Tariq Tanveer (CEO, Qadir Bakhsh Farms, Faisalabad) and Mr. 
Khawaja Muhammad Ali (SQA Engineer, Tester at SEQAZIA Solution Pvt Ltd, Lahore) were
the invitees. In the meeting, all aspects of ICT and upcoming event’s agenda
were discussed and planned a decent strategy to make this event successful. All
the guests were not only entertained with tasty meal, but also food for thought
by worthy Mr. Ammar Jaffri.
During the writing about PIID, I recalled the quote by Freeman
“Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life, it
is perhaps the greatest of God’s gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of
arts and of sciences”.
And Mr. Ammar Jaffri is going to prove it. He is the man of Real Revolution…

A Rewarding Dinner Meeting With Agriculture & Technology Experts Arranged By Mr. Ammar Jaffri

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