Sudden Price Hike Coincides with PPA’s Costly Media Drive

Chicken prices have risen to Rs350 a kilogram and that of
boneless meat to Rs600 per kg. Retailers used to maintain a difference of at
least Rs100 per kg in prices of live bird and its meat prices, but now they
have stopped following the practice due to surging demand.
Two kinds of retail rates prevail in the market. Some
retailers, who were previously selling live bird for Rs190 and meat for Rs290
per kg, have raised prices to Rs200 and Rs300-320, respectively. The prices of
boneless meat have increased to Rs500-520 and that of golden meat to Rs400-420
per kg.
However, another category of retailers claiming high quality
have increased rates of live bird to Rs210-220 per kg from Rs200, and that of
boneless meat and golden meat to Rs580-600 and Rs480 per kg.

Market sources said that by raising prices, people belonging
to the Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) were recovering the cost incurred on
a print media campaign that was run in the middle of February to reject
allegations leveled by the All Pakistan Solvent Extractors’ Association (APSEA)
that soya bean meal imported from India and other countries might not be halal. 

Source: Dawn

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