Principles of Sustainable Agriculture (Session-1) Online Short Course


AEP’s online certification course in “Principles of Sustainable Agriculture” is an engaging course and it is packed with the knowledge to help you to understand the basics concepts of the subject. This online course is ideal for those, who want to get the basic and conceptual knowledge about the subject. This course comprises the seven modules;
1   Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture
2   Definition of Sustainable Agriculture
3   Basic Elements of Sustainable Agriculture
4   Steps to Sustainable Agriculture
5   Indicators of Sustainable Agriculture
6   Approaches of Sustainable Agriculture
7   Summary & Frequently Asked Questions


Course Title:      Principles of Sustainable Agriculture
Session:               01
Course Type:     Short Course
Course Publisher:           AEP MOOCs
Enrollment Charges:      PKR 600/- only
Dues Submission Procedure: It will be shared after filling the online enrollment form
Session Start:              23rd July 2016    –      Session End: 31st July 2016
Content Origin:   Research Journals and Reliable Books
License:               Downloadable.
Fast Track Facility:           Available
Fast Track Course Duration (Avg Learner):   6-10 Hours (Fast Track)
Dues for Fast Track:        PKR 1000/- only
Examination Date:          31st July 2016
Video/Audio:    None
Audio Only:        None
Animation:         None
Assessments:    Yes        
Age appropriateness:    12+ Years
Minimum Grade/Class Level:    Middle Level
Certification Availability:             PDF

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