Pakistan’s First Workshop on Paranormal Sciences & Research

What is mean by the “Paranormal”?
It can be define as the experiences that lie outside the range of normal experience or scientific explanation.
What is the Paranormal Science?
It is a pseudo science, dealing with the matters which are beyond the normal phenomenon or not in accordance with the scientific laws.
Event Details:
It is the first well organized event in the history of Pakistan, regarding Paranormal Sciences is going to be held in Lahore. This event is going to organize under the project named; Agri. Education Lecture Series (a project of AEP). The objectives of the project are to provide career guidance, skill/personality development forum and to create and enhance the interest in science among the youth. Hundreds of the students have attended the workshops and career counseling sessions organized by the Agri. Education Lecture Series and with the blessings of God Almighty, the project is on the way of progress. But at this time Agri. Education Lecture Series take a break and it is going to organize something new as alien. In the modern era of advanced and applied sciences, paranormal sciences have still their own place as the advanced science is unable to explain everything. There are so many things/objects and phenomenon which are beyond the laws of science, such like; ghosts, undefined flying objects (UFO, i.e. flying saucer), OBE (out of body experience), Parapsychology, Telepathy and Hypnosis etc. There are almost 3000 paranormal research investigation groups registered on the International Directory of Paranormal Societies. So, join us, learn and enjoy the new field of study in your city.
In this introductory workshop, we’ll deliver introductory/basic lectures on the following topics;
• Introduction to Paranormal Research
• Introduction to Equipment (pictorial presentation)
• Data Analysis: Audio
• Data Analysis: Visual
• Interview Techniques for the Paranormal Investigator
• Related Software Training
Why should you attend the workshop?
If you like the horror movies or not… come on, it’s okay! It’s your personal matter. But if you are eager to know, that; what is myth and what is the reality??? And really want to enjoy a new and modern topic for study then you should join this workshop.
• This workshop is a fun event to provide a brain refreshment program for you in a routine life.
• To introduce the new field of study in the Pakistan.
• To provide the knowledge about the role of science in the paranormal science.
• To discourage the myths around us.
• To promote tolerance regarding other cultures and customs
Date & Time: Saturday 17 May, 2014. at 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Candidates must fulfill the following selection criteria
• Age must be 18 years or above
• Commitment to think out of the box
• Commitment to promote peace and tolerance
• Priority will be given to educators/students/social activists and representative of social welfare/youth/education/minority-led organizations
• There will be equal representation of gender
For participants registration fee is only 1500/- PKR. It will cover workshop participation, activity, certificate & refreshment.
Here we’ve an early bird offer for you. The early birds will enjoy the discount of 500/-PKR. If you want to be an early bird, make sure to submit your dues till 10 May.
Online registration form is available now

Dues submission will start from 2nd May, 2014

You’ll receive a confirmation email after which you’ll have to submit the dues according to the prescribed way.
For More Information; 092-334-9899419 and
092-334-9899419 and

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