Pakistan’s First National Mushroom Festival 2014

Mushrooms are unique. They are neither animal nor plant.
Some people consider them plants for various reasons, but they differ from
plants. They have no real roots, leaves, or stems, and contain no chlorophyll. Actually,
they are fungi. For this reason they are placed in a kingdom of their own “The
Fungi Kingdom”.
Well, there are many more facts about mushrooms to be known,
and when we are talking about the Pakistan than the matter of awareness become
critical as the mushroom is almost unknown in this region. In the desert areas
of southern Punjab of Pakistan, the mushrooms have a little identity and consumed
at very negligible levels.
In the every era of darkness and incognizant, there would
must be a lighthouse of knowledge, courage and betterment. At the current time
Mr. Tariq Tanveer CEO. Q.B Farm, FSD is playing the same role. He is the
pioneer of Agri-tourism in Pakistan and inventor of the living wall. It is the
honor for Agri. Education Pakistan to serve the cause of Mr. Tanveer. On the 19th
of January, 2014 at Q.B Farm a festival was held. This unique festival was
going to held first time in the history of Pakistan. The festival was unique as
well as the mushroom. Yes! The Pakistan’s first National Mushroom Festival
According to the benefits and importance of mushroom, this
festival was segmented into different sessions like; seminar regarding
nutritional and medicinal values of mushrooms, training workshop in mushroom
culture, discussion panel regarding the marketing of mushroom, FAQ session and
open mic session in which everyone from the participants was welcomed to
express his/her point of view without any discrimination. Followings were the
objectives of the festival which have been successfully achieved by spreading
the awareness about;

The Importance of Mushroom Cultivation
  • Nutritional value
  • Medicinal value; Consumption of
    mushrooms slows down the spread and effect of cancer, heart disease,
    HIV/AIDS (by boosting the immune system).
  • Income generation and
  • Employment creation.
Advantages of Mushroom Growing
  • Use of idle structures/recycling,
  • Involvement of small initial
  • Possible production all the year
  • Use of Agricultural waste as
    substrate- mostly waste materials from farms, plantations or factories.
  • Is a Biodegrader hence environmental conserver.
  • Consumption
    benefits of mushrooms
  • To spread the awareness about this
    awesome gift of nature
  • To create employment and to
    encourage the public to adopt mushroom farming as a business.
  • To make the community skillful in
    mushroom production
  • To give the knowledge in the
    selection of spawn and complete guidance to establish an entrepreneurial
  • To falsify the traditional beliefs
    of some about the mushrooms.
  • To certify the students and other
    enthusiasts on nominal and affordable basis.
national event was inaugurated by recitation of Holy Quraan by Mr. Jarrar Ahmed
(Secretary General, AEP) and the Naat by Ms. Naila Samreen followed by the
National Anthem. Ms. Asfia Zafar (Volunteer, AEP) took the responsibility of
podium and invite Mr. Tanveer (CEO, Q.B Farm) for a welcome note, afterward Mr.
Muhammad Safeer Abbas Jafrey (President, AEP) served for the podium in the
company of Mr. Rehaan (Media Person). The details of the worthy speakers and
experts who simply made the event meaningful is given below;
Tariq Tanveen (CEO, Q.B Farm & Chief Organizer of the NMF’2014)
Muhammed Safeer Abbas Jafrey (President, AEP, Co-organizer NMF’2014)
Rehaan (Media Person, Speaker for Open Mic Session)
Khalid Mehmod Shouq (Vet. Expert & Editor in Chief Veterinary News &
Views, Speaker for discussion panel)
Yasir Mufti (Cardiologist, DHQ Hospital, FSD. Speaker for Seminar regarding
Nutritional and Medicinal Values of Mushrooms)
Sumera (Cardiologist, DHQ Hospital, FSD. Speaker for Seminar regarding
Nutritional and Medicinal Values of Mushrooms)
of Unconventional Mushroom Culture in Pakistan Mr. Akhlaq Khan Kakar (Speaker
for Training workshop on Mushroom culture, Discussion panel and FAQ session)
Adnan (Horticulturist, Speaker for Discussion panel and Seminar regarding
Nutritional and Medicinal Values of Mushrooms)
Mahrukh Khan (Cooking Expert)
Usman and Mr. Ahsan (Mushroom Chefs)
give this event the soul of a real festival, an area at the Q.B Farm was
reserved as the cafeteria, where anyone could taste the flavor of mushroom’s
different dishes and much more. The participants were of all ages and working class,
i.e. from youngsters to elders and from farmers to industrialists. A huge
number of families also enjoyed the festival. The participants were from the
different areas of Pakistan comprised Bhakkar to Swat. So, it was not just a
festival, actually it was a networking and cooperative festival, where experts
interact with the public and producers met with consumers.
growing chamber of mushrooms was there on the spot for public to see and learn
the all stages of mushroom culture. The matter of quality education is the big
issue like food security in Pakistan. For this purpose the certification of a
training workshop on mushroom culture was awarded by the Agri. Education
. In the open mic session, participants share their life experiences,
poetry, songs, etc. and the public was asked the question regarding mushroom
and awarded with a gift of giving the correct answer. That’s the greatness and
uniqueness of this historic festival as the participants of this event enjoyed
the essence of fun, food, cooperation and education in one day.
thankful to all the honorable guests/participants and media partners Ma’am
Munaza Majeed (Editor, Farming Revolution) and Mr. Khurram Shehzad (CEO, Zarai
Media) to make this event successful by their participation.
cordial thanks to all Volunteers of Agri. Education Pakistan, especially Mr.
Ammar Tufail (Soil Scientist), Ms. Asfia Zafar (Plant Pathologist), Ms. Asma
Munir (Project Officer, Rural Development Organization Pakistan), Ms. Almas
Swera (Program Officer, Transparent NGOs Network Pakistan), Mr. Asif Sultan
(Agri. Economist) and Mr. Waseem Ahmed (Forester & Wildlife photographer)
to giving us honor by their participation as a volunteer for National Mushroom
Festival 2014. We pay a tribute to volunteers of Q.B Farm, Mr. Muazam, Mr.
Munir, Mr. Mustafa and all the other gems of the organizing team.
you are thinking that it is the end… Sorry Dear, It’s just a start…

GOD blessed the true spirits of change.
For Pictorial Presentation Please Visit: National Mushroom Festival/Agri. Education Pakistan

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