Online Certification Courses (AEP MOOCs)

Agri. Education Pakistan is an online subsidiary of BinQain Agro Services to educate the masses and spread awareness about sustainable farming and plant care techniques. Our objective is to offer sustainability in happiness, health and economy by producing a new breed of Agripreneurs.

Agri. Education Pakistan is always being a trendsetter. The organization is the pioneer of many projects in the country (Visit; AEP). The mode of education is now changing over the globe in the term of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Pakistan is an agricultural country and as per the agenda of the organization to serve the youth and small farmers, Agri. Education Pakistan has the honor to be the pioneer of MOOCs regarding agriculture and allied fields. The course content will be provided to students via email and the certificates will be awarded on securing 70% marks in the online exam. The online courses are the most efficient way of learning in the present world and with the support of stakeholders, we can better serve our community.

Online Course

Basics of Soil Science 

Soil Rehabilitation Techniques

Kitchen Gardening

Principles of Sustainable Agriculture

Plant Pathology for Home Gardeners

Introductory Plant Breeding

Principles of Agroforestry

Basics of Landscaping

Soil Science for Home Gardeners



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From November 5, 2022

From November  10, 2022

Available Now

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From February  10, 2022

From February  15, 2022

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Professional Courses on Demand

Forest Entrepreneurship This course include the contents about entrepreneurial essence of forestry business

Regenerative Agriculture This course is all about the sustainability in agriculture productivity and environmental well being

Urban Forestry and Green Productivity Practical learning urban forestry with reference to concept of green productivity

Profitable Kitchen Gardening This course is about growing vegetables and herbs at home as a value added source of income

Agroforestry a practical approach Agroforestry is the field of forestry allied with agriculture. Learn agroforestry concept and practical to boost farm income and environment betterment


Who Should Take the Online Course?

This online course covers many of the basics you must know. Whether you’re preparing for a class, supplementing your study, or simply interested in the subject, this e-course can provide you with a great overview of the subject.

How Long is the Online Course?

Every different online course spans a different specific limited period (i.e. online course duration can be of minimum 1 day to few weeks long). You will receive an email in the scheduled time, containing a new set of lessons. If you request for a fast track e-course completion program (if mention in the online course description) then you will receive an email containing new set of lessons with the schedule you choose for yourself.

Getting Started

To get enrolled for the online course is easy! Just complete the given form to subscribe to the e-course. You will receive a confirmation email with the procedure of dues payment within 48 hours maximum. After the payment of specific dues, you will receive the lessons of the enrolled course according to the terms and conditions. Dues are not refundable.

Never Miss a Lesson!

Always check your email address carefully before you submit your subscription form. After you have subscribed, make sure that you allow email from “[email protected]” to ensure that the lessons are not blocked by email filtering software.

Good luck and have fun learning more about nature!

 Will I get college credit for taking the course?

No. The online course is purely for skill development purposes. While you can print a certificate of completion once you finish the online course, you will not receive college credit.

 Are there any required textbooks for the course?

No. The only reading materials are all linked directly from each e-mail lesson.

I received a lesson, but I don’t understand what I need to do?

Simply read the email instructions, and then click each link to access the lesson information. Read each article from the email and prepare yourself for your final exam.

Will there be an exam?

You will encounter a comprehensive quiz at the end of the e-course online. Remember, this is a self-directed e-course. While there is no formal grade issued but you will need to achieve minimum 70% score to pass the quiz and to be eligible for e-course completion certificate.

Is there an age limit? Do I need to be over 18 to take the course?

No, there are no age limitations on taking the e-course. However, you should note that all materials are aimed at students studying at the high school, college or university level. However, few professional courses may required specific age and experience limit.

Do I have to be a high school, college or university student to take the class? I’m retired, but I just like to learn more about nature and agriculture.

As mentioned in the earlier question, there are no age limits on the course. Feel free to subscribe to learn more about nature and agriculture!

 Are there any required textbooks for the course?

No. The only reading materials are all linked directly from each e-mail lesson.

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