Online Certification Courses (AEP MOOCs)

Agri. Education Pakistan is nonreligious, nonpolitical and independent organization working since August 2011. The mission of the organization is “to educate the masses in the country regarding agricultural sciences and environmental conservation”. Our objective is to offer sustainability in happiness, health and economy by producing a new breed of Agripreneurs.

Agri. Education Pakistan is always being a trendsetter. The organization is the pioneer of many projects in the country (Visit; AEP). The mode of education is now changing over the globe in the term of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Pakistan is an agricultural country and as per the agenda of the organization to serve the youth and small farmers, Agri. Education Pakistan is going to get the honor to be the pioneer of MOOCs regarding agriculture and allied fields. The course content will be provided to students via email and the certificates will be awarded on securing 70% marks in the online exam. The online courses are the most efficient way of learning in the present world and with the support of stakeholders, we can better serve our community. 

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