Pakistan is basically a farming community. About
67% of its population is living in rural areas and nearly 47% of them engaged
in farming, livestock and agro-based industries. According to survey report of
Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) in 2014; As many as 58.7
million people in Pakistan are living in multidimensional poverty with 46 per
cent of rural population and 18 percent of urban households falling below the
poverty line.

The progress of agriculture sector provides a sound base for economic development and is
considered one of the preconditions for takeoff or self sustained growth.

A shift from agriculture to agribusiness is an
essential pathway to revitalize Pakistan’s agriculture and to make more
attractive and profitable venture. Agripreneurship have the potential to
contribute to a range of social and economic development such as employment
generation, income generation, poverty reduction and improvements in nutrition,
health and overall food security in the national economy. Agripreneurship has
potential to generate growth, diversifying income, providing widespread
employment and entrepreneurial opportunities both in rural and urban areas.

On 18th January, 2015 Agri Tourism
Development Corporation of Pakistan organized “
National Agripreneurs
Training Camp”
at Ranjha Agri Tourism Park. Wah Miana 15 km Bhabra
Roar Kot Momin M-2, Sarodha
. Agri. Education
Pakistan was honored to serve as a partner and facilitator of that event. The
main objective of that event was to train the students and agriculture loving
people, how to start a successful business of agriculture.

Different speakers like Dr. Khalid Mahmood Shouq (AMBSSDOR at Agri
Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan, Editor in
Chief at THE VETERINARY NEWS & VIEWS), Mr. Tariq Tanveer (CEO
& Founder at Agri Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan), Akhlaq
Khan Kakar (Father of mushroom culture), Kashif Bukhari (Forest Officer,
Lahore), Muhammad Safeer Abbas Jafery (President, Agri. Education Pakistan;
Deputy Editor, Vet. News and Views), Muhammad Jarrar Ahmed (Secretary General,
Agri. Education Pakistan) Sajid Iqbal Sandhu (CEO Greem Circles), Dr. Shaukat
Ali (Chairman Agri Hunt, Agri. Extension Department, UAF) address on the

Why people decide to become entrepreneurs and why should you
be a Agripreneur?
Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.
Common myths regarding entrepreneurship and reality.
Impact of entrepreneurial firms on economies and societies.
The entrepreneurial process Agripreneurship and its
Scope of Agri-tourism and Entertainment Farming in Pakistan.
Farm based market and picks your own enterprise
agricultural entrepreneurship from field/farm to dining table.

Mr. Tariq Tanveer introduced his future plan of “SUNDAY
FARMER MARKET” in Lahore. This plan will be helpful for selected
Agripreneur/Farmer to sell their products/goods direct to consumer. Dr. Khalid
Mahmood Shouq commenced a new project of “Loves Parks”. According to this
project the people of Pakistan will plant a tree for their love ones. Our
special thanks to Mr. Ehtizaz Hassan (Head Volunteer for the event) and Respected
Mr. Asif Sultan (Area Coordinator, SGD, AEP), Syed Yazdan Shah (Asst. PRO, AEP)
and Waseem Ahmed Kashif (Wildlife Advisor, AEP) to facilitate the cause with
great enthusiasm.
Students of Institute of Agricultural Sciences, University of
the Punjab and University of Arid Agriculture also participated in that event on
the behalf of Agri. Education Pakistan. Musical night was also arranged in this
training camp.

 For Pictorial Details Please Visit the Link: Event Pictures
 Report By: Sundus Akhter (PhD Scholar, Area Coordinator, Lhr, AEP)

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