Khushal Zamindar – E-Agriculture Service By Telenor

Telenor Pakistan’s ‘Khushal Zamindar’, a user-friendly
Robocall, IVR and SMS content based mobile agriculture service for small scale
farmers – provides location-specific weather forecast along with contextual
agronomic advisory for every farmer’s relevant crop mix and tips for livestock
‘Khushal Zamindar’ also allow farmers to contact agriculture
experts once a week through a live show which is extremely popular amongst
subscribers. ‘Khushal Zamindar’ is currently available to small scale farmers
in 36 districts of the Punjab, and will soon be rolled-out nationwide. Only in
Punjab, the service has already reached over 1.3 million subscriptions in a
short span of time since its launch in December 2015, and it’s ready for a
nationwide rollout. Recently, the ground-breaking mobile agricultural service
won P@SHA ICT Award for ‘Innovation in Service’.

Pakistan’s economy can really benefit from growing
agri-technology initiatives. The increasing complexity of digital agriculture
offers a large number of entry points to many stakeholders to innovate in
digital agriculture, both for local and export markets and take Pakistan to new

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