Government should Develop Supportive Policies for the Dairy Sector

Pakistan ranks as the fourth-highest milk producing nation
in the world as dairy farming is one of the biggest industries in Pakistan with
an estimated 42 million tonnes of milk production per year, having 11.30
percent share in the gross domestic products.
The country has approximately 63 million animals producing
milk, and over eight million households involved in the trade. As such, the
industry is providing employment to millions of Pakistanis but remains far
below in exports of dairy products.
The government should develop supportive policies for the
dairy sector which has the potential to lead the process of our economic
revival. These views were expressed by Shakir Umar Gujjar President Dairy and
Cattle Farmers Association while speaking the general body elections and oath
taking ceremony for officials attended by a large number of representatives of
the dairy and livestock companies belonging to dairy and cattle farmers sector.
Dairy farmers have been selling fresh unpasteurized milk to wholesalers at the low price while input costs including feed expenses
and prices of new animals have multiplied, but we fail to understand why the
government is bent upon controlling the prices of fresh unpasteurized milk
It has no control over the prices of other commodities
especially packaged milk.
Increase in the price of milk would help overcome shortage
in milk production as it would encourage dairy farmers to invest in the
business. Otherwise, he feared, dairy industry would completely collapse.
He pointed out that Bhains Colony in Karachi set up in 1960s
and now houses between 350,000 and 400,000 animals has no proper road
infrastructure and drainage system. Most animal waste end up the sea untreated.
We believe that working together with the private sector, the government can
play an important role in enabling the dairy industry to reach its maximum
potential, said Shakir Umar Gujjar.
Rafiq Khan and Rafiq Khan has pointed out problems faced by
the dairy and cattle farmers and suggested solutions for the core issues.
Pakistan dairy and livestock expo’ will be held on February
10-12, 2018 in which large numbers of national and international stake holders
are expected to participate.
They said with the right support, the situation can be
reversed, making Pakistan an exporter of milk and dairy products, and a major
player in the global dairy industry.
Our aim should be to economise milk production so that the
poor farmers are benefited and to check milk adulteration so that public health
is safeguarded.
Umar Ghauri Chairman The Consumer Eye Pakistan said that,
milk is one of the least commercialised products as more than 95 percent of the
produce is consumed unprocessed through informal marketing chains, no quality
checks, no standardisation and no value addition.
Being highly perishable product with only four hours’ shelf
life at room temperature, non entry of milk in the formal processing channel
causes inexcusable 20 percent wastage of produce.
He said the cure to the enervation of the dairy sector lies
in a comprehensive remedy not only price palliatives but to increased
productivity through development of high yielding breeds and reduction in
wastage through improved produce management along the value chain.

The trend in farm-gate milk prices shows that dairy imports
are not driving down the farm gate milk prices but merely bridging the supply
demand gap, he added.

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