Food Imports Increase 5.43pc in 5 months

The food imports into the country witnessed an increase of
5.43pc during the first five months of the current fiscal year compared to the
corresponding period of last year. The food imports into the country during
July-Nov (2016-17) were recorded at $2.340 billion compared to the imports of
$2.219b during July-November (2015-16), according to the latest data of
Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS). Among the food products, the import of
milk, cream and milk food for infants increased by 7.53pc by going up from
$95.575m last year to $102.773m this year. Similarly, the import of dry fruits
and nuts increased from $54.883m to $69.179m this year, showing an increase of
26.05pc, while the import of pulses (leguminous vegetables) increased by 32.18pc
by going up from $218.351m to $288.607m. 
The food items which showed declining trend in trade included tea,
imports of which fell by 7.55 percent, from $225.625m to $208.597m. Similarly,
the imports of spices decreased by 7.5pc, from $56.879m to $52.612m, while the
imports of soyabean oil declined by 33pc, from $85.526m to $57.303m.

Source: The Nation

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