Event Summary: A Joint Event Organized By NAYS & Agri. Education Pakistan on 22 Dec, 2012

Event Summary
awareness session about “Introduction to Scope and Importance of Agriculture
Sector in Pakistan Popularize the Science among Youth”
was held at a well known
institute named; Alma Mater Grammar High School affiliated with Board of
Intermediate and Secondary Education Sargodha, situated in Shaheen abad,
Silanwali, Distt. Sargodha, Pakistan on 22 December, 2012 at 12:00 p.m. The
event was organized as a joint activity of National
Academy of Young Scientists
(NAYS) and Agri.
Education Pakistan
under the project; “Science for Youth” by National Academy of Young Scientists
(NAYS) and “Agri. Education Lecture Series” by Agri. Education Pakistan. This was first activity in District
Sargodha by Agri. Education Pakistan
as the previous activities limited to Lahore City. It was also first experience
to systematize a joint activity by both organizations. During the session a
pamphlet was distributed among participants, having primarily data related to
the title of event.     
National Academy of
Young Scientists

(NAYS) had been established since 2009 in Pakistan. It is the Asia’s first
young scientist academy. Many projects are started under the administration of
this society. “Science for Youth” is one of the projects of National Academy of Young Scientists
(NAYS) with many success stories. The aim of this project is to urge interest
and eagerness for science among youth generation by organizing lectures, career
counseling session and such other activities.
collaborator organization Agri. Education
is an organization, had been founded since August, 2011 under the
motto of establishment of sustainable agriculture and environmental development
by organizing public events particularly for student community. The project;
“Agri. Education Lecture Series” is launched with the aim of spreading
awareness about agriculture academics and importance of agriculture sector
among student community belong to Matriculation and Intermediate academic levels
to make them to choose agricultural sciences as their profession in future or
as a lifestyle on the basis of modernity.
event organizing team contained; Mr. Muhammad Awais Zahid (Area Coordinator,
SGD at NAYS), Mr. Muhammad Safeer Abbas Jafrey (President/Founder, Agri.
Education Pakistan), Mr. Muhammad Jarrar Ahmad (Secretary General, Agri.
Education Pakistan).
cooperation from school administration was really appreciable as they
facilitated the organizing team as they can. The lecture was planned for
Matriculation level, however the students of class 8th (middle level
of academics) also joined the event on their request. The total number of
participants became 104. This is the total strength of students at class 8th –
10th. Thus the participation ratio was 100%.
programme was arranged in to three sessions;
to National Academy of Young Scientists and its project; “Science for Youth”.
By Mr. Muhammad
Awais Zahid (NAYS)
to Agri. Education Pakistan and its project; “Agri. Education Lecture Series”.
By Mr. Muhammad
Safeer Abbas Jafrey (Agri. Education Pakistan)
to Agricultural Sciences, its fields and their importance in Pakistan.
By Mr. Muhammad
Jarrar Ahmad (Agri. Education Pakistan)
counseling, motivational talk and activity.
By Mr. Muhammad
Safeer Abbas Jafrey (Agri. Education Pakistan)
Mr. M. A. Zahid during the lecture
In Sub-Session-I, Mr. Muhammad Awais Zahid invited at rostrum. He gave concise
briefing about NAYS and its project
“Science for Youth”. NAYS and its
efforts for young scientists and promotion of quality educational activities
were warmly appreciated by participants. He said; “NAYS is Asia’s first young scientists academy”. After Mr. Muhammad Awais Zahid, Mr. Muhammad
Safeer Abbas Jafrey
invited at rostrum. He gave introduction of Agri. Education Pakistan and its current
project “Agri. Education Lecture Series”. As there is lack of awareness about
agricultural academics among students, this initiative to aware the students is
taken by Agri. Education Pakistan.
This ardor was highly appreciated and considered as a noble cause by audience.  
In Sub-Session-II, Mr. Muhammad Jarrar Ahmad briefed the audience about the different
fields of Agricultural Sciences and their importance. He shared the information
about rank of Pakistan in international ranking on the basis of agricultural
produce and quality. He gave a brief introduction about few fields of
Agricultural Sciences given bellow;
Breeding & Genetics
& Environmental Sciences & Plant Pathology
Mr. Jafrey at rostrum
Mr. M. J. Ahmad, Mr. M. A. Zahid on stage

In 3rd and last sub-session, Mr. Muhammad Safeer Abbas Jafrey came to rostrum. Career counseling
regarding to agricultural sciences was provided by him. He urged students to
adopt agricultural and environmental sciences in their academic career and also
for their profession in future as these fields have much potential throughout
the world. He said to audience; “it has not priority to only select agriculture
or environmental science as profession, instead explore yourself and follow
your true and righteous desires”.

the last of Session-III, it was taught by Mr.
Muhammad Safeer Abbas Jafrey
that “How to Prepare a Homemade Barometer”.
This segment was really enjoyed by students.
The joint Team with Chief Executive M. Zahid at Stage
all three sessions, involvement of participants, their questioning and
enthusiasm was really admirable. “We all enjoy the participation and excitement
of students”, said by organizing team. At the end of event Chief Executive and
Principal of institute warmly appreciated the organizing team. Both of them
said cordially welcome for next time for organizing such a fruitful event for
students. The cooperation, enthusiasm and dedication of members of the National Academy of Young Scientists and
Agri. Education Pakistan are truly
appreciable and admirable and we hope, in future such activities further evolve
for the well being of students, said; Chief Executive (Alma Mater Grammar High
The Participants listening the lecture with interest
A group photo at the end of session joined by school administration, joint team and students 

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