Do You Know About Cannulated Cow?

This is a ruminal cannula. A system applied to some animals by veterinarians, which consists in opening a hole on the cow’s side for permanent access to her stomach. Once the cannula is installed, they can just reach into the stomach of the cow to get a sample of the food to be analyzed. To avoid the gastric juices from running out the cannula, the cannula is covered with a provided plastic stopper, which enables the cow to have a ”normal” life.
The purpose of this method is to investigate the digestive process of each feed which is supplied to the cow, always with the purpose of obtaining the greatest possible productivity in milk and meat, saving in every possible cost. This is one of many incredible and gruesome experiments which are performed daily, in a society that values non-human animals as objects for use and consumption. The only way to fight this cruel exploitation suffered by animals is NOT to participate in it.

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