Come On! Join The Pakistan’s First Event On Paranormal Sciences & Research

In the time of moral crisis, such like; sectarian violence, discrimination  and lack of respect to the other religions, theories, cultures and customs etc. there is a need to promote the peace and peace based activities in the region. Well! today, the peace conferences, seminars, symposiums and peace walks become so trendy. Yes! we need all these to promote the peace and the people behind all such activities should be appreciated. The Agri. Education Pakistan has also the agenda for youth/community development and betterment. So, it’s the responsibility of the governing body to take step. As the Agri. Education Pakistan has an unique history to organize activities and to make it continuous, now this time Agri. Education Pakistan presents first time in the history of Pakistan, “An Introductory Workshop on Paranormal Sciences & Research” to promote the message of peace and tolerance in a different move. How to respect yourself? How to respect others? What are the actual limits and authorities of a human being in this universe as a crown of creature? Is there any importance of religion in human life? Is there any non physical world? What is the UFO? Are the ghosts real? Is there any life after death? What is OBE and NDE? and much more is waiting to be known…

What is the Paranormal Science and how does it work? To know, come and join us on Saturday 17 May, 2014. 
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